Sharon Lamar

Artist ~ Author ~ Illustrator

Scenic Watercolor Paintings of Western Montana

Swan River in Winter

Wildflowers of the West

Wild Rose

Capturing nature at its finest


My Art

Inspired by Mother Nature

 I enjoy capturing the beauty and spirit of the natural world. Like many who choose to live in western Montana, I am drawn to the beauty of our landscape – the towering mountains, the dazzling wildflowers, and the plentiful wildlife. With an eye for detail, I like to convey the subtleties of nature.  

Watercolor Paintings

 When I work with watercolor, I am reminded of the freedom of expression and spontaneity the medium allows. The free flowing action of water and paint is ideal for capturing the many moods of nature.   

Montana on my Mind

The focus of my work is the flora, fauna and landscapes of northwest Montana. I strive to create paintings that speak both to me and the viewer about the beauty of nature.  

Upcoming Events

Don't miss the 2017 Tour of the Arts on October 14-15 from 10-5 pm. My art and books will be on display at the Swan Valley Museum along with 4 other local artists.

Displays and Exhibits

Stop in at Grizzly Claw in Seeley Lake to view and/or purchase my paintings. My work is also on display at the Seeley-Swan Medical Center.

Contact me for more info

Please email me at: or call at 406-754-2745