Connecting Kids With Nature

 To inspire kids to get outside and discover nature, Sharon Lamar has written and illustrated two children's books in the Young Explorers Series. Mountain Wildflowers for Young Explorers: An A to Z Guide, is a user friendly field guide with vibrant, detailed watercolor illustrations along with precise descriptions of each flower’s key characteristics and habitat. The life-like watercolor paintings depict 26 flowers common to Western mountains and valleys, one for each letter of the alphabet. An illustrated glossary provides information needed to help children successfully identify wildflowers. Also included is the connection of each wildflower to one of the many Indian tribes of the North American West. 
    Western Butterflies for Young Explorers: An A to Z Guide is another beautifully illustrated field guide that helps children identify butterflies of the western United States from the Anise Swallowtail to Zerene Fritillary. Each entry presents a lovingly rendered watercolor of a specific butterfly along with a thorough description of its caterpillar, its coloring, and its wingspan, as well as its range, habitat and preferred host plant. In addition, there are fun facts about butterfly natural history including such topics as migration, eating habits, flight speed, camouflage and behavior. Did you know that butterflies identify their host plants by tasting them with their feet? 
    These wonder-filled guides are sure to inspire budding naturalists and their families to get outside in search of beautiful buds, butterflies and blossoms!

To order a copy of the book, contact Mountain Press Publishing or contact Sharon at 406-754-2745